Middle School

EPS Middle School courses are designed to give students opportunities to practice the habits of mind employed in each academic discipline. Critical thinking skills are emphasized. Integration plays an important role in tying ideas together, and teachers collaborate on specific units when it makes sense to do so. Faculty infuse each day in (and out of!) the classroom with enthusiasm and hands-on learning. Where appropriate, coursework is guided by grade-specific Big Questions.

  • Grade 5: Who Am I?
  • Grade 6: What Is The World Made Of?
  • Grade 7: How Did We Get Here?
  • Grade 8: What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Our courses coordinate not only with interdisciplinary content, but also to teach important skills consistently throughout the Middle School experience. Upon completion students are able to:

  • Use the academic disciplines as a framework for critical thinking,
  • Solve complex problems within a variety of disciplines and topics,
  • Communicate written ideas thoughtfully and creatively,
  • Confidently present ideas to large and small audiences,
  • Effectively employ technology to enhance learning,
  • Lead compassionately as a respectful member of our global community.

Students arrive in the Middle School as children and leave as young adults, having progressed through profound biological, social, and cognitive changes. Our program is effective because it fosters and supports student growth in language use, problem solving, memory development, ethical maturity, and social presence. The ultimate goal of the Middle School Program is to equip students with the necessary academic and social skills for a more robust disciplinary study in the EPS Upper School.

The mission of Eastside Preparatory School’s English Discipline is to empower students in self-directed exploration and analysis of literature and writing. While in in the Middle School, students learn to approach writing as a process while acquiring foundational skills in grammar conventions and basic research techniques. Additionally, they examine and identify different literary genres while learning how to read critically. In the Upper School, students continue to build on these skills and processes and begin collegiate-level analysis of literature and writing across disciplines. Eastside Prep students graduate prepared for academic writing and thinking in every aspect of their future education.

MS Course Requirement

  • 4 Year-long courses taken grades 5-8
Through creative participation in the arts, students develop the skills and the courage to become self-actualized: to be aware of, connected to, and able to attain their goals in an increasingly complex world. Students are introduced to the disciplines within the arts, such as visual arts, music, theatre, and dance, and taught the tools and concepts underlying each discipline. Above all, the goal of the program is an appreciation of the fine and performing arts that ultimately leads to an awareness of the role art plays in one’s life and an understanding of its cultural importance. In all cases, the way to truly know an art is to do the art.

MS Course Requirement

  • Grade 5: 3 trimesters
  • Grade 6: 3 trimesters
  • Grade 7: 2 trimesters
  • Grade 8: 2 trimesters

Students entering EPS for 5th and 6th grade will take a minimum of two Visual Arts, two Theatre, and two Music courses over their MS career. Students entering as 7th graders must take one course from each Fine & Performing Arts area. Students entering as 8th graders must take one course from two different areas (e.g. one course from Visual Arts and one course from Theatre).

Courses Offered
Theatre: Intro to Theatre; Intro to Improv; Playing Shakespeare; Acting: One Acts; Stagecraft
Visual Arts: The Magic of Art; Drawing and Painting; Mixed Media; Art Meets Tech; Digital Storytelling
Music: Choir; Intro to Instrumental Music; Instrumental Music Ensemble; Chamber Music Ensemble

At Eastside Preparatory School a foundation of historical, cultural, ideological, and geographical literacy and the ability to think like a social scientist is fostered through a diverse curriculum and progressive pedagogical methods. A rigorous curriculum employs experiential learning and integrated course work to develop a broad historical perspective and to encourage active and contributing citizenship in a global society. Coursework focuses on critical analysis, effective written and oral communication, and strong research and study skills.

MS Course Requirement

  • 4 Year-long courses taken grades 5-8
The purpose of the Math Discipline at Eastside Prep is to equip students with the number sense and problem-solving skills required to succeed in advanced work in math and other disciplines, to be discerning consumers of quantitative information, and put these to practical use in their lives. This is achieved through a combination of direct instruction and hands-on investigation, stressing process and context as much as solution. Understanding is assessed through the application of knowledge and skills to a new context, and whenever possible, stress is put on application to the real world.

* EPS math courses are not organized by grade level, rather by skill level. Prior to enrollment, students are tested and placed at a math level commensurate with their past course experience and current skill level. Placement decisions are based on the placement exam and/or the discretion of the Math Discipline Faculty and the Division Head.

MS Course Requirement (4 years)

  • 4 Year-long courses taken grades 5-8
The mission of the Eastside Prep Physical Education Program is to inspire, prepare, and encourage students to develop a positive attitude toward participation in physical activity and healthy living. Team-building and development of athletic skills and knowledge encourage participation in lifetime sports and activities.

MS Course Requirement (9 trimesters)

  • Grade 5: Year-long
  • Grade 6: 2 trimesters
  • Grade 7: 2 trimesters
  • Grade 8: 2 trimesters

Participation in Sports

  • Credit can be earned through participation on EPS teams.
  • Credit may be waived by participation on outside teams (if we don’t offer that sport) or activities on a case-by-case basis.
The Science Discipline instills in its students a passion for inquiry and an understanding of science as a process. The goal is to produce scientifically literate citizens able to understand, appreciate, and analyze new discoveries. The focus is on the design and implementation of scientific experiments, the scientific approach to problem-solving, and the role of science in society. Student will engage in hands-on lab work every week.

MS Course Requirement (4 years)

  • 4 Year-long courses taken grades 5-8
  • 2 trimesters of Environmental Science, one taken in grade 7 and 8
All students at Eastside Prep study the Spanish language. Spanish is spoken in more than twenty three countries, is one of the official languages of the United Nations, and is the second most spoken language in the United States. The goals of the Spanish Program at EPS are:

  1. To introduce students to a foreign language and help them develop their communicative ability through consistent application of the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing;
  2. To prepare students to eventually live, work, or study in a Spanish-speaking environment;
  3. To prepare students for placement into university-level Spanish classes; and
  4. To develop intercultural awareness by exploring the diversity of the Spanish-speaking world.

MS Course Requirement (4 years)

  • 4 Year-long courses taken grades 5-8
Eastside Prep strives to offer students experiences with the current state of the art in technology whether that is the, now, traditional courses of programming, web design or video editing, or the more innovative like Physical Meets Digital or the more abstract Evolution of Society. While we have dedicated classes in technology, these tools and ideas are also infused throughout Eastside Prep’s curriculum whether it is using tools like spreadsheets to analyze science or pulling in disparate resources and visualizations over the web. We aim to walk the fine line between jumping on the bandwagon of various trends and doing things the way we did them last year.

Across courses, we also utilize technology to assist students, teachers and parents in managing the vast amounts of educational data that flows throughout a term. Primarily this occurs through the learning management system, Canvas, with a number of Eastside Prep specific customizations that work to get information distributed effectively.

MS Course Requirement (3 trimesters)

  • 3 trimester-long courses, one taken in grade 6, 7, and 8


  • 6th Grade: Make – An intro to our Design Lab tools (3D Printers, Laser Cutters, microcontrollers)
  • 7th Grade: Botz – An intro to computer programming through robotics
  • 8th Grade: Web – An intro to web design