EPS Stretch Programs

Eastside Preparatory School is offering a set of stretch experiences for students looking for more challenge.

  • In upper school, students can join the Fusor project, an exciting high-tech research and engineering opportunity in particle physics.

Click a topic below for more information, or email stretch@eastsideprep.org.

A fusor is an intriguing device designed to fuse deuterium atoms. It has been built by hundreds of amateur groups around the world since Philo Farnsworth and Robert Hirsch created the concept in the 1960s. Its construction requires skills in vacuum and electrical engineering, as well as in particle physics. And since we live in the 2010s, there is also a substantial computer modeling component included in the project. The Fusor project provides opportunities for both advanced learning and real-world research and engineering.

Fusor is an afternoon project, and as such is not compatible with participating in sports in the same trimester – but it runs year-round, and interested students are encouraged to spend part of the year in sports, and part of the year in Fusor. The Fusor team meets Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 5:30pm in the design lab. To qualify for participation, students need to complete the “Introduction to nuclear physics” seminar usually running in Fall trimester.

Email fusor@eastsideprep.org for more information.