EPS Stretch Programs

Eastside Preparatory School is offering a set of stretch experiences for students looking for more challenge.

  • In grades 5 and 6, students can play Academic Ultimate for a week at a time. Academic Ultimate is a set of fun brain challenges completed in a sequence of three sessions.
  • In grades 7 and 8, students can enroll in Academic Stretch, a trimester-long, seminar-style, guided independent learning curriculum that explores topics in math, science, and technology.
  • In upper school, students can join the Fusor project, an exciting high-tech research and engineering opportunity in particle physics.

Click a topic below for more information, or email stretch@eastsideprep.org.

“The Hunt for Dr. Entropius” pits students in 5th and 6th grade against legendary villain Dr. Entropius. Students battle the evil Doctor by solving challenges, completing exercises, and working together to get ahead.

Students need to be in 5th or 6th grade, have no missing assignments, and should bring a hunger for stretching their brains with a few friends! “Entropius” opportunities are announced in the individual study hall periods – look for them!

Academic Stretch is an introduction to a more independent style of guided learning experience, similar to seminars in the Upper School. Students enroll for Fall, Winter or Spring trimester (or two, or all three trimesters), and then meet weekly from 11:05am to 12:10pm on Thursdays (including clubs period) with their Stretch advisor. They produce independent subject research throughout the trimester as they go on an academic exploration that will take them through some selected topics in either science or the humanities, toward a deeper level of understanding of our world than can commonly be achieved in school.

Science Stretch for 2016-17: Acoustics (taught by Gunnar Mein – gmein@eastsideprep.org)

  • Fall: Pre-Stretch – Math skills for students who have not completed Algebra I, or who want a little refresher on problem solving with algebra
  • Winter: The Physics of Waves (theory and lab)
  • Spring: Musical instruments (principles and engineering lab to build a marimba)
  • Students need to have completed Algebra I or enroll in the Pre-Stretch program (9/29 – rest of Fall trimester)

Humanities Stretch for 2016-17 (taught by David Kelly-Hedrick – dkhedrick@eastsideprep.org)

Are you a voracious reader or writer? Are there topics in literature and history that you find fascinating? Do you wish to pursue these topics and ideas in ways that are deep and unique to your own person and learning styles? Join us for the first-ever EPS Humanities Stretch program. Humanities Stretch is a committed community of students encouraging and supporting one another—while guided by a teacher–to achieve a new level of mastery in your chosen topic. Humanities Stretch will run in a seminar type of format and meet during a combined lunch and club time on Thursdays for a total of six weeks each trimester. The first Humanities Stretch cohort will help to test and create the format for this new EPS Middle School experience. Serious (and fun) humans apply.


Academic Stretch – for both Humanities Stretch and Science Stretch – requires diligent, self-motivated work. Selection into this program is on an individual basis – to apply, students need to be in good academic standing. Click HERE to apply.

  • Deadline for form submission is Tuesday September 20th.
  • Application interviews happen on Thursday, September 22nd during MS clubs period (11:40am – 12:10pm) in MS 101.
  • Selection decisions will be communicated by Tuesday, September 27th in email to students and parents.
  • Students are committing to a trimester.
  • Taking a trimester in humanities and one in science is encouraged, but they cannot be in both programs in the same trimester.
  • Students cannot be in a Thursday clubs-time club in the same trimester.
  • Lunch will be eaten during Stretch time in the classroom; a to-go option will be provided by the kitchen.

Questions? Email stretch@eastsideprep.org.

A fusor is an intriguing device designed to fuse deuterium atoms. It has been built by hundreds of amateur groups around the world since Philo Farnsworth and Robert Hirsch created the concept in the 1960s. Its construction requires skills in vacuum and electrical engineering, as well as in particle physics. And since we live in the 2010s, there is also a substantial computer modeling component included in the project. The Fusor project provides opportunities for both advanced learning and real-world research and engineering.

Fusor is an afternoon project, and as such is not compatible with participating in sports in the same trimester – but it runs year-round, and interested students are encouraged to spend part of the year in sports, and part of the year in Fusor. The Fusor team meets Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:30pm to 5:30pm in the design lab. To qualify for participation, students need to complete the “Introduction to nuclear physics” seminar usually running in Fall trimester.

Email fusor@eastsideprep.org for more information.