Advisory & Learning Support

Eastside Preparatory School believes that all students can be successful, yet each student is successful in his or her own way. To reach their fullest potential, we believe that all students need support at one time or another—whether this is tech support, academic, social, emotional, physical, or a combination of these.

Support at Eastside Prep begins with our teachers. Our teachers have close, individualized relationships with their students. In addition to the classroom expertise of our teachers, EPS has a variety of tools we use to meet student needs. These include student advisory groups, our Guided Study Hall program, individual and group counseling, and parenting education. In addition to the three Learning Support Instructors who teach in our Guided Study Hall Program, we employ a full-time Learning Specialist and a full-time Counselor who are available to assist students, faculty and parents with any support they may need throughout the year.

If our academic programs are the bricks of our building, our advisory program is the mortar.  Advisors are the liaison between home and school, meeting for formal conferences with students and parents twice per year and meeting weekly with their advisory group. This program exists to ensure each student has someone looking out for them globally, with both an academic and social-emotional lens. Advisory groups are approximately 12 students. In the Middle School, students will have a total of three advisors, one assigned in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade (your advisor assigned in 7th remains your advisor in 8th). In the Upper School, you will have a total of two advisors, one for your 9th and 10th grade years and another for your 11th and 12th grade years.
Eastside Prep’s Learning Support Program reflects our appreciation for students’ learning differences and the school’s commitment to helping a diverse body of students engage in our rigorous college prep curriculum. Learning Support is available to all students who need additional support. We offer the following:

  • Learning Support classes for students to attend during their study halls.
  • Case management for students with diagnosed learning challenges.
  • Classroom accommodations.
  • Consultation for any student experiencing academic difficulty.
  • Referrals for content area tutors.
  • Ongoing support to Eastside Prep parents and faculty.

Learning Support Services

Any student experiencing academic difficulty (whether or not the student has an identified learning disability) may utilize the Learning Support Program for:

  • Reading and writing support, study skills and learning strategy instruction.
  • To secure “reasonable accommodations.”
  • Academic counseling as needed.

Guided Study Hall

Guided Study Hall (GSH) is a fee-based service internal to Eastside Preparatory School that provides additional support to students grades five through twelve. GSH varies greatly from a traditional study hall in that each student receives tailored, individual instruction from Learning Support Specialists who identify methods and techniques to assist students achieve success.