The Application

Where you should be by the summer before your 12th-grade year?

You should have a list of schools that interest you (the more the better, aim for at least a dozen).  You may be certain that you’re applying to some of the schools on this list, whereas you might not yet know a lot about others. As soon as school begins, you’ll need to begin solidifying this list, so that by early October you have a nucleus of schools that are interesting to you and that are reasonable for admission.

You will meet with your counselors just before summer begins and again in August, so that you will receive guidance in the search process (see above) and review your progress to date. Usually, during the Sept. to October period, you will likely be filling out applications to a few schools, making first visits, and receiving initial information from other schools. This is normal and not problematic provided that a “solid nucleus” is in place.