Welcome Current Families

Here you will find information on programs, services, communication, forms, and more.  In addition, the Calendar at a Glance below can be expanded to provide information about major events and timelines you will need during a particular month/season.

Calendar at a Glance

Submit Bus Form, Physical Form, Prescription Form and Immunization Form

Sign up for your Advisor-Parent-Student Conference

  • Online sign-up link will be in the August Division Head Email
  • Student-Parent-Advisor conferences will be held on August 30th and 31st. They last 30 minutes and are an opportunity to meet your student’s advisor, discuss goals for the year and answer any final questions about the start of school.
Purchase Books and Supplies

  • Online bookstore opens August 1st
  • Optional on campus ordering stations with staff support will be available the first two weeks of August
  • Final course list and ordering details will be communicated in the August Division Head email
  • Questions about books? Email bookstore@eastsideprep.org
  • Middle School Supply List will be communicated in the August Division Head email
Purchase EPS Logowear and PE Clothes

  • If your student is taking PE in the fall, you will be able to purchase EPS approved PE clothes in two places:
    • EPS Logowear Website – open during the first two weeks of June, August, and September. This will also reopen prior to each new trimester. There is a separate link for each ordering window which will be communicated in the Friday email and on our Current Families Webpage.
    • EPS Student Store: PE clothes will be in stock on campus during August and September, and a smaller selection throughout the year. During the month of August, the store will operate out of the Middle School due to the Commons renovation.
Upper School Fall Sports Practices Begin

  • August 21st practices begin
  • Daily practices begin for fall Upper School teams (Boys Ultimate, Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Coed Cross Country). WA State rules state all high school athletes are not allowed to compete in any contests until they have participated in 10 practices. This means your student will not be able to compete in the first two weeks of contests if these early practices are missed. It can also jeopardize the ability to make Varsity.
  • Questions? Contact our Athletic Director, Doug Blair, dblair@eastsideprep.org
Upper School Varsity Robotics Team Meetings Begin

  • Varsity Robotics meets Tues-Fri starting August 22nd. Attendance is required. Joining Varsity requires qualification, including prior experience on an FTC team. Families should contact the coach if they believe their student qualifies.
  • Students participating in JV Robotics, grades 8-12, are welcome to attend starting August 22nd, however attendance is not required until the start of school. No prior experience required for JV. No qualification process.
  • After school begins, regular meetings take place Thursdays and Fridays starting the week of Sept 11th.
  • Questions? Contact our Robotics Coach, Gunnar Mein, at gmein@eastsideprep.org
Attend Grade Level Picnic

  • During the week of August 28th every grade level will have an event that will be for families to reconnect and meet everyone in their grade. These are organized by the Parent Grade Level Representatives for each grade, which is a parent volunteer position. Details about these events will come in over the summer from the Grade Level Rep directly via email.
  • Two of these will take place on campus:
    • 5th grade at EPS: August 31st, 5:00-7:00pm
    • 6th grade at EPS: August 30th, 6:00-8:00pm
Attend Student-Parent-Advisor Conference

  • August 30th or 31st, pre-registered 30 min timeslots – sign-up link sent in the August Division Head Email
  • Parents and students are expected to attend.
Attend Laptop Orientation

  • Multiple sessions will be offered during conference days on August 30th and 31st
  • Please pick one that easily coordinates with your conference time.
Attend New Student Orientation – for students only

  • Upper School: August 31st, 2:00-3:00pm
  • Middle School: August 31st, 4:00-5:00pm
  • Division Heads, faculty, and current EPS students will help give information designed to make them more comfortable and prepared for the first day of school, including time to walk through their schedule and find classrooms.
Attend New Parent Orientation – for parents only, same time as student orientation

  • Upper School: August 31st, 2:00-3:00pm
  • Middle School: August 31st, 4:00-5:00pm
  • New parents will receive an orientation to Canvas, our online learning management tool. This is a very important tool that gives you a window into your student’s workload and grades. While the Technology Office is happy to assist families throughout the year, please have someone from your family attend this introductory session if possible.
Finish Summer Reading

  • Summer Reading books will be discussed the first week of regular classes.
Submit Fall Overnight Forms

  • All students will participate in a grade level overnight, Sept 7th-8th
  • Locations will be communicated in mid -August by the Dean of Students office with information about any additional permission forms. These forms need to be submitted prior to the overnight.
  • Questions? Contact our Dean of Students, Paul Hagen at phagen@eastsideprep.org
Start Reading EPS Friday Emails

  • EPS Friday Emails are the primary way we communicate important information about the school, upcoming events, opportunities and deadlines. These begin August 25th.
Become familiar with Opening Weeks Schedule

  • This will be communicated in the August Head of School email and EPS Friday Email
  • Know your drop-off and pick-up routes with the construction limitations and use of EPS North Annex
  • Pay close attention to differences in the afterschool study hall, bus route schedule and lunch options as they may be modified for that first week.
  • Questions? Contact your Division Admins:
  • Middle School: Randi Peterson, rpeterson@eastsideprep.org, 425-822-5668 x124
  • Upper School: Shelly Allen, sallen@eastsideprep.org, 425-822-5668 x120
Load your MySchoolLunch.com Account

  • An email will go out to you towards the end of August with your student’s ID number and details about how to load money into your online lunch account.
  • Questions? Email our Auxiliary Services Coordinator, Lisa Coulter at lcoulter@eastsideprep.org
First Day of School

  • Wednesday, September 6th
  • There is a special schedule for the day so look for that in the Friday Email and Opening Weeks schedule sent in August.
Fall Overnights

  • September 7th to the 8th – Details about the specific trips will be communicated from the Director of Student Life, Paul Hagen in August.
  • We know that coming to a new school can be a little scary, but these overnight adventures quickly alleviate that uncertainty. Each grade goes to a local camp where they work with their advisors and teachers to set the tone for the year. Students have time to really get to know each other, and they all participate in teambuilding activities and challenges designed to unite them as a group and set them up for success during the school year. What we see every year is that students leave as individuals, but return as a cohesive group of classmates.
  • If you or your student have any concerns or anxieties about an overnight trip, please reach out to the Dean of Students, Paul Hagen, directly at phagen@eastsideprep.org.
Bus Service Begins

  • EPS Bus Service will run the first day of school for students who have signed up for the service. Bus Service forms for Trimester One are due by August 1st. If you decide you want the service after this date just email to see if space is available.
  • Due to fall overnights the 2nd and 3rd day of school, we will have a modified bus schedule. Typically, service runs to school the 2nd day, but not the rest of the week because of these overnights. Details will be communicated in the Opening Weeks Schedule in August.
  • Regular daily service to and from school begins the first full week of school on September 11th.
  • Families can opt into the bus service by trimester and elect one way or round trip. The bus forms are on School Forms Online with all other enrollment forms.
  • Details on routes and times are on the Current Families section of the website:
  • Questions? Contact our Operations Manager, Jen Tastet, at jtastet@eastsideprep.org


After School Study Hall Begins

  • At 4:00pm all buildings are closed to students (unless involved in a meeting or activity sponsored by an EPS adult), except for the Levinger-Poole Commons building, which is open for a supervised After School Study Hall. This is an optional service offered to students who need to be on campus longer. Students must be picked up by 5:30pm.
  • On rare occasions, the After School Study Hall might have an earlier pick-up which would be communicated in the Friday Email weeks prior.
  • No prior sign-up required and there is no additional cost to families. Students are required to sign-in and out each day.
  • Due to the abnormal schedule with fall overnights the first week of school, afterschool Study Hall will begin the week of September 11th
After School Teams and Clubs Begin

  • With the exception of Upper School athletics and robotics starting the week of August 21, the remaining afterschool clubs and academic teams will begin the week of September 11th.
Clubs during the school day begin

  • The clubs that meet within the school day will begin the week of September 11th
  • Those club options will be viewable on the Current Families website in June. Middle School students are required to pick a club or activity each trimester. Upper School students can join a club or use the time to meet with teachers or peers.
Middle School Play Auditions

  • Auditions take place Sept 11th-14th afterschool
  • You likely will not need to be there for all four days but it depends on call backs. Best to be there on the first day but if a schedule conflict arises you may reach out to the director to do a first read on the second day.
  • Sign-ups to help with tech or behind the scenes work happen these days as well.
  • The rehearsal schedule will be available at auditions. Plays are a 3-5 day a week commitment.
  • Questions? Contact Brian Hutcheson, Director of Fine and Performing Arts, bhutcheson@eastsideprep.org
Attend Fall Harvest – for parents only

  • September 15th – This is a parent-only evening social event that is a great way to connect with other parents. No auction, no fundraising, just fun. Invites will be sent out in August.
School Picture Day

  • September 18th – during the school day
Fall Break

  • September 21st-22nd school is not in session. Faculty have been in 10 days of prep meetings, professional development, moving, student overnights, and opening classes. There are 60 new families transitioning to a new community, and there are 430 students remembering what it means to get back into the school routine. We’ve found that a 3 or 4 day weekend early in the year provides a welcome opportunity to catch up – on homework, on paper grading and on sleep – all of which postpones the onset of illness, all contributing to a healthier and more productive October.
Attend Back to School Night – for parents only

  • An evening event designed to give parents a chance to meet their student’s teachers and learn more about their classes. More details will be communicated in the Friday Parent Email closer to the events.
  • Middle School – September 26th
  • Upper School – September 28th
Attend a Head’s Table – for parents only

  • These are small group gatherings hosted by Terry Macaluso, our Head of School, and all parents are invited to attend.  You’ll learn more about how the school works and have an opportunity to ask questions.  They will run from September to November.


Download Student Schedule

In early June, families will receive an email from the Division Head with instructions on how to download their student’s preliminary schedule for next year. Any questions or concerns with those schedules should be sent directly to the Division Heads:

Purchase Summer Reading Books

  • These will be communicated by Division Heads in their June email
Sign-up for fall athletics and afterschool clubs

  • Link to the registration form will go out in the June Division Head Email
  • You will still be able to start these activities as school begins, however getting on their email list in June is important so you receive information along the way. Registering late for Upper School athletics has ramifications (see below).
  • Upper School Fall Athletics: In particular, families need to know that practices for Upper School Fall athletics (Boys Ultimate, Girls soccer, Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Cross Country) will start running daily on August 21st and it is expected that students make those practices. WA State rules are that all high school athletes are not allowed to compete in any contests until they have participated in 10 practices. This means your student will not be able to compete in the first two weeks of contests if they do not attend early practices. It can also jeopardize their ability to be on Varsity.


Smart Tuition Account set up by May 1st

  • This is the service EPS uses for all billing. Questions? Contact Rhiannon Chelini, the Accounting Manager at billing@eastsideprep.org or 425-822-5668 x331
Course Registration is complete (Due in April)

  • Course registration sheets turned in
  • Math placement exam completed, Spanish/Chamber Music assessment done if applicable
Indicate interest in fall sports, afterschool clubs and activities

  • Please reference the email sent at the end of April from the Dean of Students Office for instructions on how to respond.
  • Full details for each of these activity times and commitments will be shared in June
  • Students can still sign up for these activities as school begins however, indicating interest now allows the school to better plan for numbers and ensures you don’t miss any early communications related to that activity or team.


Learning Support meeting scheduled (if applicable)

  • Contact Tracy Ritter, Student Support Admin Assistant, tritter@eastsideprep.org
  • Guided Study Hall Contracts are due May 1st. You can sign up after that date as long as space is available.
Submit Enrollment Forms due by June 1st

  • With the exception of your Physical, Immunizations and the Bus Service form, all other enrollment forms should be submitted by June 1st.
  • These are found online – School Forms Online (SFO): https://sfo.inresonance.com/eastsideprep/
Schedule Doctor’s Appointment between now and August

  • Physical Form and Immunization Form Due August 1st
Submit Tablet PC Form (Due by June 1st)

  • All EPS students are required to have a laptop. It is recommended that families purchase their laptop through the school. In doing so the machine is fully compatible with all EPS systems and processes, students are learning on the same model as all of their peers and teachers, and the machine is fully supported by our tech office.
  • Order Form and laptop specs can be found on School Forms Online (SFO): https://sfo.inresonance.com/eastsideprep/
  • Questions? Johnathan Briggs, Director of Technology – jbriggs@eastsideprep.org
Submit Bus Service form if applicable