Sibling Admissions Applications

If you have a sibling headed our way, please email with the sibling name and application grade level. We are happy to work with the next member of your family.

Siblings Applying to 5th or 6th Grade

*Please note that we will no longer provide early sibling decisions for students entering 6th grade beginning with the 2020-21 admissions year (for applications received after September 1, 2019).

You have an early application option that can result in your family receiving an early admissions decision on Dec 14, 2018. This process is intended for siblings who plan to only apply to Eastside Prep. In order for this decision to be communicated prior to the normal decision date, families will need to have a complete application submitted by November 27, 2018. Please note: If they are applying to other schools, siblings should apply by the regular application deadline (January 15, 2019) to be considered for admission next fall.

  • SSAT:If applying early, you must register for an October or November SSAT testing date. EPS hosts the SSAT on campus on November 10, 2018.
    • 5th grade applicants:SSAT does not usually give Elementary Level exams prior to December. Because of this, Eastside Prep will offer a closed Elementary level test (only for EPS invited students) on Nov 10, 2018, at the same time as the other testers. To register, please search for our closed test option on the SSAT website and use this access code: 4K-6F9C-2R3Q. If you have any questions as you register, please contact Kristina Dammrose, at Please note: If your child is applying to our 5th or 6th grades and your family’s schedule does not allow for your child to take the SSAT by Nov 10, 2018, we will not receive the scores in time to give your family an admissions decision by holiday break. We will postpone the admissions decision until we receive the scores.
  • Early Sibling Visit Days:Sign up early!
    • To be considered in the early round of decisions, you must sign up your child for one of the visit days between November 5 and December 7, 2018.
    • Sign up for the visit day through Ravenna, our online application system. If the above dates are full, please let us know and we’ll accommodate you.

Siblings Applying to 7th–11th Grade

We do not have an early sibling application process for these grades so while we certainly read these applications with the sibling context in mind, they will go through the normal admissions application timeline. Applications open September 1, 2018 and must be submitted by January 15, 2019. Upper School decisions are communicated on February 22, 2019. Seventh and eighth grade decisions are communicated on March 15, 2019. For additional information, please refer to the application checklist.


SSAT Website: Please enter our school code 2949 so we receive scores.

Any questions about admissions or the application process are welcome. We can be reached at (425) 822-5668 x1 or We look forward to meeting another member of your family!