Learning Support

Eastside Prep’s Learning Support Program reflects our appreciation for students’ learning differences and the school’s commitment to helping a diverse body of students engage in our rigorous college prep curriculum. Learning Support is available to all students who need additional support. We offer the following

  • Study Skills and Organizational Support: This is available for all EPS students. Any student can request a check-in meeting to refine their organizational or study skills. This support can look like a one-time targeted strategy session or an occasional check-in meeting. Additionally, our learning specialists hold formal study sessions that are open to all EPS students prior to finals.
  • Learning Plans/Accommodations: Any student who has gone through a psychoeducational assessment and found there to be learning differences in the picture, can have learning plan put in place. Parents will need to provide a copy of that testing to help inform the accommodations documented based on the student’s learning style. Plans will include reasonable accommodations that a student qualifies for, as well as helpful recommendations that explain a little more about a particular student’s learning style. Please keep in mind that it is important for the testing to be up-to-date, especially in the Upper School, as there is an impact on qualifying for standardized testing accommodations.
  • Guided Study Hall: GSH is a fee-based service internal to EPS that provides additional support to students grades 5-12. All EPS students have a study hall built into their day. GSH varies greatly from a traditional study hall in that each student receives tailored, individual instruction from a Learning Support Specialist who identifies methods and techniques to assist students achieve success. There is a four-to-one student-to-teacher ratio in the GSH setting. Students are not pulled out of an elective or other class to participate in GSH, rather they are just scheduled into GSH instead of a regular study hall. There is a separate Guided Study Hall Agreement that is signed by a family once they have elected to participate in this program. Deadline for enrollment in our Guided Study Hall program is May 1st. After that date, a spot in the program cannot be guaranteed.
  • Questions? Contact our Learning Support Coordinator, Robin Christy at rchristy@eastsideprep.org, 425-822 5668 x365

School Counseling

School-based counseling support at Eastside Prep is available to any student, parent, faculty, or staff member concerned about a student. The school counselor promotes social-emotional learning, provides preventive services, and responds to identified student needs through the implementation a comprehensive school counseling program.  Specifically, services offered in the counseling center are: individual counseling, group counseling, sharing of resources, assessment and referral, advising/problem solving/supporting, and crisis management.

Eastside Prep has partnered with Forefront Suicide Prevention over the last few years to enhance our prevention work.  We have an ongoing program for training members of our community. For more information, click HERE.

For more information, contact EPS School Counselor Jake Davis or Michelle Lorne