Fall 2019 Middle School Play Audition Sign Ups

Is your Middle School student interested in auditioning for an acting role in the 2019 Middle School production of A Wrinkle in Time or signing up for backstage crew?

Please note that signing up your student is not committing to take part in the Middle School play.  The student is only expressing interest and intention to audition or to help as a crew member.  In terms of time commitment, rehearsals run four to five days a week and may include an occasional Saturday rehearsal.  Individual time commitment may vary based on the role in which the student is cast.  Crew commitments vary, but are focused on the last two to three weeks of the production. Auditions for the Middle School play will be held September 10-12 and performances are scheduled for November 1 & 2.

If you have questions, please contact Brian Hutcheson, Director of Fine & Performing Arts or Whitney Stange, Drama Teacher.