Counseling Services

School-based counseling support at Eastside Prep is available to any student, parent, faculty, or staff member concerned about a student. We are able to provide short term, solution focused, student driven support. Students receive support in common adolescent concerns such as stress, anxiety, peer relationships, time management, identity development, and more.  Our aim is to work with students to develop strategies and a plan that will increase their ability to cope, effectively communicate with others, and to promote positive growth. All of this begins with providing a safe and nonjudgmental space for them to be vulnerable in expressing concerns that are often hard to share.

We are available to meet with students across all of the grade levels. Students are able to choose which counselor they feel most comfortable meeting and can establish a relationship spanning from middle to upper school. Counselors can be accessed through dropping in, scheduling a time to meet via email, and through teacher or parent request. At times, a small group of peers may be asked to come in at once, to work through a difficult group dynamic. Students are assured that our role is to advocate and support, not to discipline.

While we are not able to provide treatment and/or therapy in our setting, we are both equipped with clinical knowledge and experience. We want to partner with you to support your student(s), encouraging you to reach out to us with questions, to share ideas/information, or to request referrals.

Current school-wide counseling based issues (2019) include strengths development, healthy relationships, substance abuse prevention, suicide prevention, and healthy coping skills.

For more information, contact EPS School Counselor Michelle Lorne at