Eastside Preparatory School was started by a group of parents in May 2002. These parents, who formed the first board of trustees, wanted to create an academically rigorous and engaging school for students in grades 5-12 on the Eastside. They were committed to creating a school that would captivate and challenge students of all kinds.

In late spring of 2002 Alice and Tom Strong, who had the original concept to open a new school on the Eastside, met with Terry Macaluso, PhD, previously Head of School at Lakeside School in Seattle, to discuss the process involved in establishing a new independent school. Their research, investment of time and resources, and ongoing support gave Eastside Prep its start. Forums held during summer 2002 by Chris Unger and Robin Pringle on the impact of contemporary brain research and the development of effective curricula helped shape the vision of Eastside Preparatory School.

Through the remainder of 2002 seed funding was raised, the Board was increased and the first head of school was hired. Eastside Prep opened its doors in September 2003 with sixteen students in sixth and seventh grades, three faculty members, and three staff people.

After more than doubling in the second year of operations, EPS has continued to experience a pattern of ongoing and robust growth. While still a growing community in our second decade, Eastside Prep maintains a school culture that focuses on the student’s experience – we understand that students are the most successful when they feel known, accepted, and challenged by their community of peers and faculty.