Athletics Updates and Upcoming Events

Come cheer on EPS at the Fall Regatta at American Lake this weekend!

For the 2nd weekend in a row, our EPS rowing team will be out on the water representing the Eagles. Last weekend, Evelyn M. finished 8th in the women’s 1X racing against both adults and junior rowers. Jack D’ and Griffin D. finished 6th in the Men’s JR. 2X. Jack and Griffin raced twice to support Oliver C. and Jake A. who raced for the first time and were in a 4X. AJ H. and Will C. raced in the very tough division Open 2X. Congrats to all of our rowers!

This weekend they will row at American Lake on Sunday, October 13th. This is a late start time- first race is at 9am- so if you are looking for some excitement this Sunday, come on down and cheer them on!

A huge thank you to the EPS Community…Students, Parents & Faculty…for coming out in full force to celebrate and support our Annual Homecoming Week! The display of Eagle Pride and Spirit was unmatched!

Ultimate Homecoming Games!

Homecoming Pancake Breakfast and Face Painting!

Ultimate Volleyball Matches!

Basketball Registration is no OPEN!!!

The deadline to register is Friday, October 18th. NO EXCEPTIONS.

At EPS, our program is built around our student-athletes commitment to their teams. All athletes are expected to attend all practices and games. It is often not feasible to balance other after-school commitments with athletic participation. Please consult with us in the athletics department before the season to ascertain whether the sport you wish to play can be compatible with other commitments. Activities that are not compatible with sports include Robotics, Drama, Club Teams, etc. if they practice on the same days as your team.

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Upcoming Games


10/13 Fall Regatta @ American Lake 9:00am

US Volleyball

10/14 JV/V @ Overlake 4:30/6:00
10/16 JV/V vs. Forest Ridge @ EPS 4:30/6:00
10/18 JV/V vs. Seattle Academy @ EPS 4:30/6:00

US Boys Tennis

10/14 EPS vs. Overlake @ Forest Ridge 4:00
10/15 EPS vs. U-Prep @ Forest Ridge 4:00

US Boys Ultimate

10/14 EPS A/EPS B vs Overlake @ Robinswood 4:00
10/16 EPS A/EPS B vs. U-Prep @ Dahl Field 3:30pm

US Girls Soccer

10/15 @ Overlake 4:00
10/18 @ Bear Creek 4:00

MS and US Cross Country

10/12 EPS US Hole in the Wall Invitational @ Lakewood HS
10/17 Emerald City/Nisqually League Joint Meet @ Lake Sammamish State Park

MS Soccer

10/15 7/8th Girls @ Forest Ridge 4:00

Eagle Results 9/9-9/12

US Volleyball

10/4 EPS Varsity 0, Bear Creek 3
10/4 EPS JV 0, Bear Creek 2
10/10 EPS JV 1, U-Prep JV 2
10/10 EPS V 1, U-Prep 3

US Boys Tennis

10/4 EPS 3, South Whidbey 2
10/7 EPS 1, Seattle Academy 4
10/19 EPS 0, U-Prep 5

US Boys Ultimate

10/7 EPS A 6, Northwest 9
10/8 EPS A EPS 11, Seattle Academy 6
10/8 EPS B vs. Seattle Academy @ Delridge 3:30
10/8 EPS C 14, Seattle Academy 4

US Girls Soccer

10/4 EPS 1, Northwest 9

MS Soccer

10/2 5/6th Girls 5, Northwest 0
10/4 7/8th Boys 4, Cedar Park 1

Coach Spotlight

Elin Kuffner

5/6 Girls Head Soccer Coach

Ms. Kuffner was a competitive gymnast while growing up. As she went through her school years, she added diving, soccer, volleyball, softball, and snowboarding to her life. In college she played Ultimate for the University of Washington, and in graduate school she played soccer for the University of Washington club team. Since then Ms. Kuffner has played on several club Ultimate teams based in Seattle, and now plays masters level club Ultimate for a team comprised of women from all-over the Puget Sound region. Throughout the years Ms. Kuffner has coached gymnastics, diving, soccer, and ultimate. She coached soccer for a couple years at the Northwest School, and has coached Ultimate at Eastside Prep since the beginnings of our program in 2007.

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