Community Panel Videos

Live topic-based Q&As with EPS community members cover a range of topics and provide an opportunity for audience members to submit questions to be answered by the panel.  If you are unable to attend a live session, you can access a recording of the Community Panels here.

Why We Integrate & Collaborate – Recorded on October 5, 2021

This optional ninety (90) minute panel is an introduction to EPS, our community, and the principles that guide how we “do school”. Head of School Dr. Terry Macaluso will deliver opening remarks on EPS’ mission and vision, and EPS faculty, students, and parents will share more about how we inspire students to create a better world through collaborative and integrated education.

Academic Design & the Independent Curriculum – Recorded on October 21, 2021

EPS features a curriculum which blends established educational content with progressive delivery. Each academic discipline at Eastside Prep provides a unique way of knowing more about our world, shaping insights into other disciplinary approaches as well. We encourage students to ask big questions in courses where inquiry is at the foundation of how the class is organized.

Learn more about how EPS’ curriculum is designed to build student agency and independence from EPS faculty, students, and parents in this ninety (90) minute panel.

Note: Due to technical difficulties during the live event, the panel recording was interrupted. This recording begins following our introductions.

The Independent Curriculum: Student and Alumni Stories – Recorded on October 27, 2021

Hear from EPS alumna Eliana Swai ’21 and student Ayezah ’22 in conversation with Matt Delaney, Director of Academic Design and Integration as they discuss seminar and independent study experiences at EPS.

In the Classroom: Student & Teacher Stories – Recorded November 3, 2021

At EPS, we prioritize the student experience first and foremost. Our faculty members come from diverse backgrounds of inquiry and industry, sharing a lifelong love of learning as well as a commitment to support students in their individual development.

Hear more from EPS faculty members about their approaches to teaching and get student and parent perspectives on the student experience in this ninety (90) minute panel.

Student Life & Well-Being – Recorded November 10, 2021

At EPS, community is shaped both in and outside of the classroom. Each student has opportunities to experience belonging in the multiple identities and interests they bring to school each day through classroom interactions, co-curricular activities like advisories and clubs, and extra-curricular activities like academic teams, sports, and performing arts.

At this ninety (90) minute, community panel, EPS faculty, students, and parents will share more about EPS’ multilayered approach to building community and supporting student well-being.

Parent/Guardian Life – Recorded on December 7, 2021

The EPS Community includes not only students, but parents and guardians as well. We know that partnership and communication between home and school creates a foundation for students’ success.

In this ninety (90) minute panel, attendees will hear from EPS faculty, students, and parents on what they can expect from EPS in terms of communication with parents and guardians and how parents and guardians get involved with the school through volunteer opportunities.

College & Beyond – Recorded January 6, 2022

While EPS is a college preparatory school, our approach goes well beyond helping students achieve admission to college. They experience holistic success beyond EPS because they’ve cultivated a foundation of self-knowledge here.

Learn more about how EPS’ college counseling team supports students in the college search process, and hear from recent alumni and parents about students’ paths after EPS in this, ninety (90) minute panel.

Financial Aid Information Session- Recorded January 18, 2022

Responsible action and compassionate leadership are the mission-based values guiding us as we strive for increased equity in our school community. This 90-minute session will share more about the Financial Aid program at EPS and how to apply from our Director of Finance and Operations, Casey Otley, and our Director of Enrollment Management, Cheryl Miller. This event is hosted in Teams Live, and participants will have the ability to ask questions anonymously during this session if that’s most comfortable and helpful for them.  Please visit our Financial Aid page for more information.

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