Avoid that Call!

Fundraising has long been a feature of independent schools.  I’ve looked for, but not found, the person who first decided that schools should ask parents to support their educational institution above and beyond tuition.  As much as we might ponder the business decision of charging less than it costs to educate our students (volumes could be written, I am sure), I have come to embrace these efforts over my years in independent schools.  I think our straight forward approach and decision to avoid event-based fundraising is unusual.  We use this method because it is respectful of parents’ time, and because the case is very clear.  We don’t have to sell procured items to encourage your support.  However…one tried-and-true component of fundraising that we do embrace is the phone-athon.  Next Tuesday night a group of Trustees and amazing parent volunteers will be calling everyone who has not yet had the chance to pledge.  I trust you’d like to avoid that call.  It’s easy!  Just watch the video below for a little humorous motivation and complete the form found HERE.

The video link can be found here: AVOID THE CALL