Community Briefing: June 12

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It’s been a season of celebrating our senior class. From “Prom in a Box” to yard signs to a drive-thru event to Senior Night — the last few weeks have been a series of celebrations.  Today began with diplomas hand delivered to seniors and ended with our graduation cermony.

The entire community can view the graduation ceremony here: Graduation Video

And our Senior Night video can be viewed here: Senior Night Video.

Congratulations to our newest alumni –  the Class of 2020!













This year’s eighth graders – the Class of 2024 – were celebrated today.  Their Continuation festivities included a Minecraft ceremony in which students walked into the TALI Theatre, speeches read by faculty, certificates mailed to their homes along with a book chosen by a faculty member, and a drive-thru event to pick up a keepsake.  Congratulations Class of 2024!

Here’s a link to the ceremony: Continuation Ceremony

And a link to the videos created by faculty: Faculty/Student Videos













Clarification on Health Forms

Please log into SchoolDoc!/home/auth/login to ensure that your student’s profile is complete* prior to the due date of July 15.

Since EPS has forgone the need for annual physicals for this year due to the COVID situation, all existing physical exam dates for every student have been manually entered into SchoolDoc.  Please note:

If a physical exam from 2019 appears, you do not need to obtain a new physical exam.  Please note that physician-signed Prescription Medication Authorization, Life-Threatening Allergy Action Plans, Asthma Action Care Plans, Seizure Action Care Plans and Diabetes Care Plans must be submitted annually. These forms can be found in the allergies and health history sub-sections.  If you choose to obtain a physical exam, please upload the new exam, update the form with the new exam date, and retain a copy for your records.  Please note that a copy of the physical exam (not just the date of the exam) is required in all cases.  

If a physical exam from 2018 appears, either no physical exam was on file or the latest exam occurred in 2018.  A new physical exam is needed prior to July 15.  Please upload the new exam to the physical exam sub-section, update the form with the new exam date, and retain a copy for your records.

Next year we will resume the policy of annual exams. Every student will need an exam after January 1, 2021 for the 2021-2022 school year so please take this into consideration when scheduling future exams.

*Due to the situation with physical exams, you may not be able to reach 100% completion in the physical exam section. Please be sure that all other sections are 100% complete.

Questions, contact School Nurse Stephanie Hinson.

Information/Activity Resources

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Seen and Heard

EPS faculty enjoyed a post-graduation gathering.