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Absences and Tardiness

We expect students to make responsible decisions about their use of time. Students are expected to arrive on time for all school activities and appointments. Attendance will be taken; students who are routinely tardy or absent may be subject to disciplinary action.

While occasional tardiness may be reasonable to expect, repeated tardiness is not. If a student is tardy for 30% or more of the trimester’s class meetings, credit may not be granted.

Classes begin at 8:30 am (7:30 am for Zero period). Students should arrive at school 15 minutes prior to their first period class. Parents/guardians should call our attendance line (425-822-5668 x 2) as early as possible, but before 9:00 am, to report an absence.

Students absent for all or part of a school day, except for medical or other excused appointments, may not participate in any extracurricular activities on the day of the absence, including sports games/practices or arts performances/rehearsals. To participate in after-school activities, a student must be on campus by 9:30 am. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Middle School (MS) Head.

After-School Pick Up


Student Pick up 3:30pm – 3:45 pm



Class ends each day at 3:15 pm. Faculty are available for consultation with students and parents/guardians until 4:00 pm. Students who do not have EPS after-school activities should depart campus or be picked up between 3:30 pm and 3:45  pm. At 4:00 pm, all buildings on campus—except After-School Study Hall location—will be locked and closed to students, unless the students are part of a club, sport or other group authorized to use the space.


After-school Hours

3:45 pm – 6:00 pm



Unless special programs and events are scheduled, After-School Study Hall will be available until 6:00 pm. Students who do not in this space will lose the privilege of staying on campus. Loss of such privileges may be for a short time or the full year, at the discretion of the Division Head.


Closed Campus

Students are expected to remain on campus from the time they arrive at Eastside Prep in the morning until they leave campus (by either bus transportation or parent pick-up), and to use unassigned time at the school responsibly. Our campus includes our buildings and the immediate surrounding areas only. Students should be only inside EPS buildings, in designated walking or play areas, or traveling from one building to another. Excluding authorized field trips or other supervised activities, students are not to leave campus (e.g. go to Burgermaster or the gas station) during the school day or before after-school activities. For instance, students in the Middle School may not go to the store and then return to campus to wait for pick-up.

Missed Days

Students are asked to respect the school program’s integrity and faculty efforts by arriving on time, being prepared, and using class time productively. We strive to assist families with vacation planning by publishing the school year calendar well in advance. Please avoid taking students away from classes other than when illness or other unavoidable circumstances occur. It is a serious issue when students are absent for discretionary purposes. Extending a school vacation is a disservice to students and faculty. Faculty are prohibited from extending vacations precisely because we expect students to be in classes—fully engaged—right up to the last class period of the last day before a break. We also do not ask faculty to prepare lesson plans in advance to accommodate discretionary absences. Students are asked to take responsibility for making up missed work upon return. If an unavoidable absence is anticipated, parents/guardians should complete the Student Absence Request Form as soon as possible.

In the event of illness, families are encouraged to keep students home. This minimizes risk of illness for everyone. At the same time, we need to set boundaries to ensure the integrity of our transcript (i.e., students are expected to be present in classes whenever possible). For further details, see the Attendance policy in this document.

Missed Work

With the support of faculty, students are responsible for making up work missed during absences. In the event of a planned absence, students should communicate with their teachers, preferably in person, to accommodate the absence.

The expectation is that students will complete homework and all other assignments on time. From time to time, due to illness or emergency, a student may request an extension of deadline. A request for an extension of deadline on any assignment should be made directly to the teacher who has assigned the homework. Requests for extended deadlines may be granted or denied by the teacher. Each teacher is responsible for determining the extended due date. In all cases, the teacher’s deadline is the official deadline.

The policy of Eastside Preparatory School is that no assignment may be turned in beyond seven calendar days from the date it was due (or seven calendar days after the student has returned to school if the assignment was missed due to an absence). If that date falls within a school holiday/break, work will be accepted on the first school day after that break. While no teacher may extend the deadline beyond these dates, the teacher may elect to require an earlier deadline.

Signing In/Out

Students arriving or leaving at times other than regular arrival and departure times must have parents/guardians or another authorized person sign them in or out at the Middle School office.

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