Big Island of Hawaii Nature, Science, and Cultural Adventure (US)

Dates: Saturday, April 9th – Friday, April 15th
Location: Hawaii
Price Range: $5200-$5700
Theme: Science

HawaiiJoin us for an adventurous EBC trip to the Big Island of Hawaii. This trip will focus on the natural wonders of this island including the Volcano National Park and the observatory near the summit of Mauna Kea. Hawaii is one of the most isolated land masses in the world and has fascinating geologic history and representation. Excursions will include the national park and Kilauaa Crater visitor’s center, an infamous black sand beach, waterfalls, the Kona cloud forest, and ocean snorkeling with fish and sea turtles. We will also visit several sacred sites and museums of the native Hawaiin people. Join us with our sponsoring partner, World Strides, for this incredible multi-faceted EBC adventure.

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