Chicago Colleges, Baseball & Architecture (10th & 11th)

Dates: 4/10 – 4/14
Location: Chicago, IL
Price Range: $2,000 – $2,500
Theme: College Exploration
Faculty Contact: Bart Gummere

Chicago is one of the most dynamic and important cities in the United States. Its transformation from outpost to industrial hub to cultural center is a story worth exploring.  Especially important now is its influence in the world of arts, architecture, and commerce. This trip will spend 5 days in the city exploring its wealth of neighborhoods, museums, iconic architecture and sports venues. With an eye toward historical development and cultural impact we will take architectural tours, visit some of the leading museums in the world, explore diverse neighborhoods, and tour several colleges. Finally, we will visit one of the most beloved sporting venues in the world, Wrigley Field, where the Seattle Mariners will be playing the Chicago Cubs.  No cultural tour is complete without food. Deep dish pizza, Chicago-Style Hot Dogs, Italian Beef sandwiches and BBQ Ribs are all Chicago staples we’ll sample.

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