Culture, History, Food and Fun in Spain (US)

Dates: 4/8 – 4/16
Location: Spain
Price Range: $4700-$6000
Theme: Culture, Language & History
Faculty Contact: Josefa Ruiz Mercader

Students on this trip will experience the Spanish life – via arts, culture, history and food. You will interact with local people, meet and connect with high school students and speak some Spanish to the best of your abilities. Led by local guides, we will explore Madrid and Sevilla, two very different cities, both with rich histories of Roman, Visigoth, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian influences. In Madrid, we will take in royal architecture and famous art, eat traditional chocolate con churros and many other Spanish delicacies. In Sevilla, you will experience the historical mixture of cultures up close through flamenco music and architecture of narrow flower-filled streets. We will also visit open markets, interview locals, learn to make paella, and enjoy a noche de tapas. From the cathedral in Sevilla where Isabel and Ferdinand themselves are laid to rest amidst pillaged silver in the conquest of the “New World,” to the stunning 1937 anti-fascist painting Guernica by Picasso housed in the Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, we will have world history and culture at your fingertips. This EBC experience is designed for you to explore the culture, just the way it is, not through the filter of a tour guide, but rather through your own senses, critical thinking and creative observations. While this trip does not have a Spanish language requirement, students will be required to converse in Spanish while in public settings, in local classrooms and at group meals.

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