Lake Washington Loop – Counter-clock Wise on Foot (US)

Dates: Monday, April 12th – Friday, April 16th, 10am to 4pm
Location: In person/Outdoors
Price Range: No charge
Theme: Outdoor Adventure

Lake Washington Loop - Counterclockwise on FootAt approximately 53 miles long, students will walk Lake Washington, in a counter-clockwise direction over the span of five days, journaling in whatever form appeals to each student (photo, video, audio, sketch, written, some combination). Our goal is to cover 10-11 miles per day over the span of ~6 hours each day, which is a slow walking pace average speed, allowing time for reflection and creation. Each day starts where the previous day finished, except for the first day, which starts at EPS! Students will be dropped off at the start and picked up at the finish, which we’ll identify before the trip. Students need to dress for the weather and bring food/water, but we can make brief stops along the way if desired (coffee!). This route passes through many communities, some urban, suburban, forested, industrial, and parkland, consisting of paved paths and the occasional sidewalk. Completing the loop is a big accomplishment and a tour of places that they may not realize exist or appreciate in our local area. We will compile a portfolio either as a group or per student as a final product to commemorate the experience. Be part of the first EPS expedition to circumnavigate Lake Washington!

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