Marine Science in the Galapagos (US)

Dates: 4/9 – 4/19
Location: Galapagos
Price Range: $5500-$6250
Theme: Science & Nature
Faculty Contact: Kip Wassink

The Galapagos Islands offer a singular opportunity to study the relationship between physical geography and living systems.  Charles Darwin recognized this more than 150 years ago, and Eastside Prep Students will have that chance next spring.  Renowned Ecuadoran naturalists will help us to explore the natural history both on land and in the water and help us to understand the challenges of conservationists struggling to manage this amazing natural resource. Prepare to snorkel with sea life, hike to an active volcano, try out your Spanish with island residents, and take day cruises to the uninhabited islands as you explore the fabulous natural history of the Galapagos Islands!  Students will travel a long way by air, have extended exposure to salt water and sunlight, and will spend lots of time outside in arid conditions.  A swim test will also be mandatory to ensure a basic ability swimming, floating, and being in water.

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