Multi-Media Extravaganza: From Tik-Tok Sea Shanty to Whatever You Imagine (MS/US – 7th-10th)

Dates: Monday, April 12th – Thursday, April 15th 9am to 2pm, Friday, April 16th 10am to Noon
Location: Fully Remote
Price Range: $50 – $100
Theme: Digital world

Multi-Media Extravaganza - From TikTok Sea Shanty to Whatever You Imagine

We are inspired by wonders such as the TIKTOK Scottish mailman’s Sea Shanty to offer a dynamic course of video design, performance, and production. We are calling for all students interested in contributing a range of talents to this video production class. Are you keen to creatively write and choreograph an amazing video with fellow students? Do you wish to take your video production skills to the next level? Imagine stirring a cup of tea to capture the audio and close up visual, filming in a dark room with a flashlight, running a stick along a fence, playing the harmonica, filming geese flying overhead, hearing waves splashing, dancing, fog horns blowing. Let’s capture, combine, create, and share. This will be a multi-media student-driven project guided by two of our Fine Arts professionals. If you need inspiration, check out this inspiring shanty: Put your creativity and skills to the test and the fun by joining this video music production EBC. We encourage students who have video editing skills using Premiere, or other editing programs, and/or music editing with Sound Trap, because each person will be editing parts to create this cool collaborative video project.

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