New Zealand: Outdoor Adventures and Maori Culture (US)

Dates: 4/8 – 4/18
Location: New Zealand
Price Range: $6,200 – $6,700
Theme: Adventure & Culture
Faculty Contact: Steve Fassino

Our adventure to the south island of New Zealand will immerse us in both the majestic natural environment and in the indigenous culture of the Māori people. The outdoor and cultural experiences will be unforgettable and designed to challenge our bodies and our world views. Physically, be prepared for 25 miles of backpacking (known as tramping in New Zealand) in 4 days along the beautiful sandy shores of Abel Tasman National Park. And be ready for a flatwater paddling experience along Lake Rotoiti in the stunning Nelson Lakes National Park. Embedded throughout the trip will be experiences to learn about Te Ao Māori (the Māori world view). From sleeping at a local Marae (Māori tribal meeting house) and paddling a waka ama (traditional canoe) to engaging in a powhiri (traditional welcoming ceremony) and having conversations with Māori youth, the opportunities to engage with the Māori way of life will be varied and impactful.

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