Hawaii – History, Heritage, and Reconciliation (US)

Dates: 4/8 – 4/17 (early a.m. on red eye)
Location: Hawaii
Price Range: $4000-$4500
Theme: History & Culture
Faculty Contact: David Kelly-Hedrick

Let’s go behind the veil of tourism for a look at the true Hawaii. Besides the beautiful beaches and gloriously rugged terrain on the island of Oahu, we will explore and learn about the anguished history of its native population. Our partner, Museum Without Walls, will help us explore Hawaiian history with a focus on the island of Oahu and its land, people, and cultures.  We will meet and spend time with students from Kamehameha High School and other native leaders.  We will spend a day of service on land given to native Hawaiians through reparations from the US and get muddy out in the kalo(taro) fields.  Our time will be roughly split between Honolulu and the North Shore, staying near the beach in both locations.  No Hawaiian journey would be complete without the chance to experience its outdoor beauty with swimming, snorkeling, and hiking through its incredibly diverse eco-systems.  We will taste authentic food from local vendors and learn about the beauty of the hālau (hula).  Every stop, story and activity on this Hawaiian trip will give us a new understanding of aloha.

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