Northwest Bread Residency (US)

Dates: Monday, April 11th – Friday, April 15th
Location: Kitsap Peninsula
Price Range: $1200-$1500
Theme: Baking/The Arts

PNW Bread ResidencyLet’s bake and eat our own amazing bread! Join a dedicated group of bread aficionados as we escape the urban jungle for a bread residency on the Kitsap Peninsula. How do places and the stories we tell about them define our relationship with the food we share? Join us for a week at a beautiful lodge to learn the art of baking sourdough bread. We will focus on this bread but also include baking and cooking a whole array of delicious and creative foodstuffs. You will help plan these meals and participate in a range of kitchen activities that will then feed your PNW food story. In addition to the cooking, we will go on local hikes, try paddle boarding, and enjoy a full library. We may even forage for special ingredients. Unplug your brain from school and life and join this EBC residency to learn the art of making bread.

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