NYC Director’s Cut (US)

Dates: 4/9 – 4/13
Location: New York
Price Range: $3,800 – $4,000
Theme: Arts & Culture
Faculty Contact: Lisa Frystak

If you love theatre this is the trip for you. A show-heavy look into what it takes to be a Broadway actor, producer, set designer or simply a dreamer in the city most known for glitz and glam. Central Park, inspirational afternoons at museums and as many shows as we can possibly book over our Sunday-Thursday excursion. What does it take to make a masterpiece from conception to stage? Does society craft the art or is art built on our own experiences? Connect to theatre, a big city, and wonderful food in the most visceral way possible – by being a part of it all. Staying in Times Square we will be walking and only using public transportation. Bring a love for theatre and your critical eye as we critique and explore what it means to be on Broadway today.

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