Orienteering for Fun and Survival (MS/US – 7th-12th)

Dates: Times vary daily: Monday, April 12th (9am – 4pm), Tuesday, April 13th (2:30pm – 9:30pm), Wednesday, April 14th (9am – 2pm), Thursday, April 15th/Friday, April 16th (8am – 3:30pm and overnight in Eastern WA)
Location: In person/Outdoors
Price Range: $600 – $1,000
Theme: Outdoor Adventure

Orienteering for Fun and SurvivalLearn the skills to navigate your environment and then put them into practice in park, urban, and wilderness terrains.  Learn how to understand and use maps, a compass, and GPS.  The course includes three days in Seattle and Eastside areas, then two days and an overnight camp in Eastern Washington finding our way in semi-arid terrain including the Gingko Petrified Forest.  Students will need to dress to be outdoors for several hours each day, as well as wearing comfortable walking, running, or hiking shoes.  Phones are welcome as additional navigation aids and to stay in touch with instructors.  A headlamp and some camping gear will be needed.  Maps, compasses, and other course materials will be provided.

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