Seattle Through the Eyes of Writers (US)

Dates: Monday, April 11th – Friday, April 15th
Location: Seattle Area
Price Range: $300-$500
Theme: History, Culture & the Arts

Spend time writing and creating with professional writers and creators in Seattle! We will journey around the Seattle area, visiting cultural sites, museums, galleries, and parks/outdoor locations, working with writers on site. Every day we will work with a writer or group or writers in producing amazing creative pieces: poems, stories, comix, creative nonfiction. Seattle has a rich literary and arts culture and so many highly accomplished writers working in the city—this is an amazing opportunity to work with some of them in an intimate, small-group workshop format. All of these writers are also experienced teaching artists, and have varied backgrounds in addition to writing, whether in science, performance art, graphic art. Each day will run roughly 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and we will be taking public transportation and navigating Seattle’s urban geography. In addition to working with writers and visiting cultural sites we will do some urban hiking as part of these experiences, so think of this experience as a combination of art, culture, urban studies, and getting some exercise for your legs as well as your mind! Yummy food from cafes and food trucks will power ourselves and our writing!

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