Borderplex – Exploring the Rich Borderland of El Paso, Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico (US)

Dates: 4/9 – 4/15
Location: El Paso
Price Range: $2800-$3300
Theme: History & Culture
Faculty Contact: Emma Ferguson and Jeff Sanderson

El Paso BorderThe Borderplex region of Texas and New Mexico is rooted in both colonialism and resistance. On the border between the U.S. and México, the region offers a window into the complex in-betweenness of border identity, not only of this particular border but many borderlands around the world. On this EBC, we will have a chance to meet with community and nonprofit leaders working in the midst of a continuing debate around immigration policy. We will visit and help serve at a local school and shelter for immigrants and asylum seekers, as well as federal immigration court where those cases are processed. Discussions around illegal immigration often focus on danger and violence, but El Paso itself is rated as one of the safest cities in the U.S., and many believe it is the cooperation between local governments, business, and community organizations necessitated by this geopolitical context that makes it so. Our accommodations will be a rustic but real dormitory, and we will enjoy great Southwestern food and explore other unique sights around El Paso and Old Mesilla. Come and explore these borderlands and see why border studies is such a rich and rewarding field of research and experience.

Due to the requirements of our partner organizations on the ground in El Paso, all students on this EBC must have proof of Covid vaccination and eligible boosters.

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