The Yukon: Land of the Midnight Sun (US)

Dates: 4/10 – 4/15
Location: Canada
Price Range: $4,000 – $4,200
Theme: Stewardship and Conservation, Indigenous Cultures and History
Faculty Contact: Sam Uzwack

The Yukon is the land of the midnight sun, known for its hospitality and wondrous scenery, and is the perfect setting from which to explore the arctic circle. From traversing Canada’s wilderness to connecting with self-governing indigenous nations, the Yukon offers immersive and diverse experiences for students looking to apply their critical thinking skills on an unforgettable adventure. Our activities will include guided snowshoeing, visiting museums, glass blowing, meeting and sharing stories with residents, and observing the northern lights. Travel with us to the far north for a truly amazing and unique inter-cultural and wild experience in Canada.

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