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Instructions for Purchase and Delivery of Textbooks & Class Materials (to your home)
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  • MBS and our textbook partners, like other companies, are moving slower during COVID-19
  • If you have not received books yet there is no need to contact MBS (you’ll be in a call queue for a while)
  • A number of books are not only back-ordered for your student(s), but for all students in particular classes
  • If you are concerned about a back-ordered math book, please don’t purchase a similar edition from another vendor
    • It is unique to our bookstore and won’t be the same item
  • Until all students have access to their class materials teachers will either:
    1. not use back-ordered class materials
    2. post copies of back-ordered materials in the OneNote Notebook for each effected class

Questions? Please email bookstore@eastsideprep.org