Jonathan Larner-Lewis


Also: US Advisor, US Grade Level Coordinator
B.A., English and Creative Writing, Magna Cum Laude, Dartmouth College, M.A., English Literature, University of Colorado (Boulder), PhD, English, University of California (Berkeley)

Jonathan is thrilled to land at Eastside Prep after spending the better part of a decade aloft, pursuing his PhD in English at UC Berkeley. At Berkeley he taught academic writing and research, and creative writing, and worked as an editorial assistant at an academic journal. During his long Californian exile Jonathan realized he was happier and more engaged in teaching than in academic research. He has also worked as a ski instructor, a farmer, a chef, and most recently, a full-time dad. The mixture of rigor and joy that characterize all these pursuits extends into Jonathan’s classrooms. His goal is to help his students attach themselves more completely to their communities and the world through reading and writing (lots of reading and lots of writing).