Minako Sugimoto

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Academic Design and Integration

B.A.. International Policy Management, Keio University

The warm, accepting culture and the school vision & mission drew Minako to Eastside Prep, and she is excited to join the community in the 2020-21 school year. Previously, she wore multiple hats at a small aerospace manufacturing business, ranging from HR, 5S, auditing support and office management to executive assistance and special projects. (She also owns several hats – her favorite one is dark orange.) Minako looks forward to diving into the education sector, and supporting and contributing to the EPS community.

Minako enjoys cooking, eating, baking, eating, sleeping, eating, breaking out into random and song and dance at home (talent is irrelevant), unintentionally embarrassing her kids, and socializing & laughing with friends and family. Some of her current interests are: getting her shiba inu to like her after 8 years of living together, sort of learning Chinese and French, and yoga.