Sheri Martin Chen

Social Science

Sheri joined the EPS community in fall of 2021 as a social science teacher and advisor. She comes to EPS from Proof School, a small private institution in San Francisco for students who love math. She has taught language and social science at the university, college, and high school levels for more than ten years. She has also led high school study expeditions in China.

Sheri is trained in the social sciences. In graduate school she studied American politics, comparative politics, comparative law, international relations, and political and social psychology. She is especially interested in cultural markers of individual and collectivism, and the intersection of moral psychology and political science. Sheri is also fluent in (Mandarin) Chinese. She studied Chinese at Princeton and UC Berkeley’s program at Tsinghua University full time for two years. She then completed a master’s program in the medium of Chinese and now speaks Mandarin as the primary language at home.

Outside of school, Sheri enjoys hiking with her husband and children. She also enjoys reading science fiction and performed for many years as a singer-songwriter. As a parent and educator, she is interested in bilingual/multilingual language development and cross-cultural perspectives on education.