Ted Scott

Track Head Coach; Cross Country Assistant Coach

Ted has been an active endurance athlete since his mother bought him a pair of cross-country skis for his 7th birthday in Saint Paul, MN. In high school, he competed in cross-country running, cross-country skiing, and tennis. Later, in college he raced in the elite men’s fields in track cycling (velodrome) and cyclocross until a couple of concussions told him to slow it down a little. Now he has found that trail running and ultramarathons provide the right level of reward and suffering. He’s always been fascinated by sports psychology and sports performance, especially in individual disciplines where the game is often as much mental as it is physical. At EPS, he coaches both cross-country running and track & field, and has been working hard to grow our teams into the right blend of camaraderie, fun, and competitiveness for those interested in pushing themselves. He particularly enjoys helping students who don’t see themselves as athletes transform into capable and goal-oriented competitors, even if that goal is simply to finish the race without walking.