Dear EPS Community:

While our eyes have turned to the current school year and our twentieth anniversary, there is much to celebrate from last year.

The 2021-2022 academic year brought our community back to campus after months of remote learning and staggered on-campus classes. While learning continued to happen and connections were made during that time, we are first and foremost a community; a community needs in-person interactions to thrive and grow. We had the opportunity to see that, to live that, during the 2021-2022 academic year. Through masks, gallons of hand sanitizer, and lunches outside in the rain—our community found its way back together, as we knew we would. Old friendships were rekindled, and new ones formed. Faculty and students who had been here for three years had their first “normal” year, and were finally able to experience what we mean by “connection.”

We had parents on campus for meetings and events; we held graduation (and seniors didn’t have to wear masks!); we had Field Day and Continuation. After wildfires and COVID restrictions, the seniors were finally able to experience the retreat they look forward to every year. Let’s not forget EBC Week—we sent students on trips locally and abroad for the first time in two years—now that’s a milestone! In his graduation speech, former EPS Board President, Mack Hinson, MD, referred to words like resilient, adaptable, and unprecedented as “Red Flag Words of Doom” after the last two years. There’s some truth there; we’re all a bit tired—for a host of reasons, and the overuse of those terms doesn’t do a lot to inspire new energy! Still, while we all look forward to returning to normal, or some semblance of it, we must also look back and remember what we’ve come through, and how important it was to come through it together.

It’s time to look forward to the current year and to all the celebrations our twentieth anniversary will afford. Our community has stayed strong during two challenging years and will continue to do so as we look back on all we have accomplished in twenty years and all that lies ahead.

Kind regards,

Dr. Terry Macaluso
Head of School

Mack Hinson
Board President 2019-2022


Eastside Prep is honored to announce the creation of the Moore Family Fund for Equity in Enrollment. This fund was created in 2020 through the generous support of Kelly and Gary Moore. Kelly and Gary are the parents of Conor (EPS Class of 2020) and Kelly was Eastside Prep’s first Director of Student Support Services and remains active in the community through her parent education efforts. The Moore Family Fund was established to benefit the Financial Aid fund at EPS. Specifically, the money in this fund will be invested and all earnings will support financial aid for students of color at Eastside Prep. In addition to the kindness of the Moore family, the PACCAR Foundation provided generous support in the creation of this fund, which will impact EPS students for generations to come.