College Counseling News

By Sam Uzwack, MS Head & College Counselor

Last Sunday, Eastside Prep, along with other independent schools in the area, and Rainier Scholars, hosted the SAIS College Fair on the campus of Seattle University. Over 150 colleges, from small, private liberal arts schools to large, public research institutions attended. For our seniors, the fair was an opportunity to gather specific information from schools they are about to apply to, or to determine if a school should be added to their list. For our juniors, the fair represented one of the first steps in forming individual criteria that will guide their college application process. After spending a Work Party researching and narrowing down a list of schools they were interested in, students spoke with a number of individual admissions reps. Many of these reps visited EPS this past week, and each spoke highly about our students’ level of preparation, confident demeanor, and thoughtful questions. A full list of the schools at the fair is available here:  SAIS 2016 Participants.