Learning Suppport

At EPS, all individuals have strengths and areas of challenge, which means that all students possess brilliance, and all will need support of some kind at some time. Our goal is that students identify and celebrate their strengths, as well as understand and advocate for the support they need.

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Learner variability is the norm at EPS, and no particular way of thinking, learning, or behaving is the ‘right’ way

Eligible students can access accommodations to participate in meaningful, challenging learning opportunities at EPS.

We seek to identify the underlying causes of the challenge, work collaboratively, and preserve the dignity of all community members

Our Learning Support program is built on these core values:

  • Everyone has strengths and areas of challenge
  • Identify and celebrate strength and understand and advocate for needed support
  • Provide equitable access to instruction and content
  • Approach student challenges with curiosity and compassion