The Better World Endowment

In January 2023, Eastside Prep proudly launched the school’s first endowment effort. Endowments for schools help to ensure the long-term viability of the institution by funding meaningful goals of the school and have long been an additional sign of financial health.

In the words of founding Head of School Dr. Terry Macaluso, the two most important decisions a school makes are “who to hire and who to admit.” Eastside Prep’s Better World Endowment affects both those decisions by creating two impactful funds:

The Terry Macaluso Fund for Faculty and Staff Professional Development supports the Resident Teacher Program and enhances ongoing faculty and staff professional development.

The Fund for Financial Aid provides support through which students and their families can fully access Eastside Prep’s program.

Both funds will, as the endowments mature, allow income from the investments to be funneled to the operating budget, creating the opportunity to limit tuition increases and to ensure the financial stability of Eastside Prep for the next twenty years and beyond.

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