EPS Inspire Magazine

Eastside Prep publishes our community Magazine, Inspire, twice each year. The magazine provides valuable news and information for and about our families, alumni, students, faculty and staff.

Spring 2024

Wise Innovation
As I reflect on how wise innovation is alive and well at EPS, I appreciate that our community will aim high and see learning and teaching as noble pursuits…

– Sam Uzwack

Fall 2023

Community Engagement
Our faculty and staff continually work to refine their craft; our students take advantage of any and all learning opportunities…

– Sam Uzwack

Spring 2023

Evolution, development, growth, improvement—all words that feel like movement. All are positive and hopeful expressions about future expectations. That’s the energy we want to capture in this issue of Inspire.

– Terry Macaluso, PhD

Fall 2022

The mission is our north star—but what we do with it is our culture.

– Terry Macaluso, PhD

Spring 2022

When a community is a community, it takes a lot more than a planetary pandemic to prevent it from thriving.

– Terry Macaluso, PhD

Fall 2021

Beginnings is the theme for the fall 2021 issue of Inspire magazine.  While this marks the school’s nineteenth anniversary, so much of what we are experiencing feels brand new due to so much time away from campus.  Never willing to miss an opportunity to learn from new experiences, this issue is full of ideas discovered in the midst of the pandemic that will be carried forward at EPS.

Spring 2021

The spring issue of Inspire magazine focuses on resilience, something that has been much in need during the past year. Articles from trustees, faculty, and students describe the many ways that they have seen resilience in action in the Eastside Prep community during these past months. Articles include insight on the redesign of our admissions process, the creativity of our staff in engaging with community members, and how classroom activities and experiential programs have adapted. Through all that has happened since Eastside Prep moved to remote learning in March of 2020, the entire community has put their resilience on display.

Fall 2020

The fall issue of Inspire magazine focuses on adaptability.  Articles from both faculty and parents highlight not only the adaptability required to pivot from in-person learning to EPSRemote in the prior spring, but also the many ways EPS as adapted in it’s eighteen years.  From articles on ways our community supported each other through the initial months of the COVID-19 outbreak to insights on how specific programs adjusted to meet changing needs and circumstances, this issue is sure to inspire.

Spring 2020

The spring 2020 issue of Inspire highlights the many ways that the EPS vision, Inspire students to create a better world, is alive in the halls of our school.  Faculty and students provide insight into the ways they see that vision lived out each day.

Fall 2019

Fall of 2019 brought a formalization and structure to Eastside Prep’s student well-being efforts.  In this issue, the office of student well-being is presented along with articles on other areas of the EPS program and curriculum where well-being is stressed.

Spring 2019

The topic of intent is explored in the spring 2019 issue of Inspire.  As Dr. Macaluso pointed out, the articles in this issue, “describe the exploration of the EPS landscape, the aim is to consider the ‘why’ of things.”

Fall 2018

Spring 2018


Fall 2017