College Counseling at Eastside Prep

Eastside Prep CollegeEastside Prep’s College Counseling Program is individualized and  comprehensive in scope. Our College Counseling program is able to provide this counseling for every senior in part because of how we are staffed. There are nine members of the EPS College Counseling team, and each works with students in more than one capacity at school. College Counselors have taught, coached, traveled with, collaborated with, and advised students before they ever have their first College Counseling meeting. We believe that a history with our students provides the basis for a successful college search.

In the EPS model, each Upper School student is assigned a Process Coach and a separate Writing Coach, providing students with a highly individualized and cohesive experience. All our students and families also work with our Head of College Counseling who has been active in college admission counseling since 1983. The College Counseling program is naturally integrated on many levels: counselors bring integrated experience from inside and outside EPS walls to their students and an extensive understanding of their students as well as the broader college admission landscape.

2023-2024 School Profile

Each college/university to which EPS students apply receives a digital copy of the EPS School Profile so that they can understand the academic and co-curricular opportunities of our graduates, gaining insights to their preparation for college and beyond.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at