Equity, Inclusion, and Compassionate Leadership (EICL)

At EPS, our investment in equity, inclusion, and compassionate leadership means:

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We cannot achieve our mission or vision without all community members—students, families, faculty and staff, and alumni— feeling that they can be fully and authentically themselves at EPS, no matter who they are. 

We know that this proactive work must not only be responsive to and lift up the strengths, needs, and experiences of our community but also lead to a greater understanding of the world around us and our place in it. 

We acknowledge and are dedicated to addressing and finding solutions for community members’ marginalization because facets of their identities are traditionally marginalized or underrepresented in independent schools.  

We believe that equity, inclusion and compassionate leadership are at the core of helping us to fulfill our vision of inspiring our students “to create a better world. 

We are committed to building inclusivity and belonging in all spaces at EPS—in our curriculum, teaching practices, student and community gatherings, and communication.  

We define equity, inclusion, and compassionate leadership as:  

Equity: Fair and just treatment of all through the creation of opportunities to address privilege and power imbalances. 

Inclusion: Active, intentional, and ongoing creation of an environment in which all members of the community “share a sense of belonging, mutual respect, and being valued for who they are.” (Miller & Katz, 2002) 

Compassionate Leadership: The capacity to be open to the reality of another’s experiences, to celebrate their joy, and to work toward the healing of their suffering.