Guided Study Hall (GSH)

EPS is an environment of high expectations and high support, and Guided Study Hall (GSH) provides an essential component of that support. GSH is a fee-based program that takes place during the school day. Enrolled students work in small groups with a Learning Support Specialist who is well-versed in their learning profiles and course work. Some of our students have diagnosed learning differences, but there are many situations that lead students to GSH, such as mental or physical health conditions or time intensive after-school activities.

The type of support students receives varies depending on their needs, but core to the program is a focus on self-awareness, self-management, and self-advocacy. Successful learning is dependent upon meaningful understanding of one’s strengths, challenges, needs, and values, and students are able to partner successfully with their teachers when they can effectively communicate about their needs and preferences.

Guides Study Hall Goals: 

  • To develop collaborative, trusting relationships with students in an environment of mutual
    respect. We have high expectations and seek to hold students accountable while validating their
    experiences and endorsing their strengths.
  • To help students establish habits and routines that are beneficial and sustainable.
  • To engage students in reflection about the effectiveness of their strategies and tools. What is
    working for them, what isn’t working, and what problems need to be solved? This may include
    accommodations, assistive technology, and study skills.
  • To ensure students understand teacher feedback, directions, and expectations.
  • To facilitate or, if necessary, model communication between students and classroom teachers.
  • To provide support in prioritizing and planning.
  • To allow students to make mistakes. Students cannot become self-regulated learners without
    trial and error.
  • To ensure that families and advisors are aware of their students’ progress, successes, and areas
    of needed support. In most cases, this is achieved through a weekly email from the student.