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Natalie Abel

Learning Support Specialist

Dana Albu


Elizabeth Andersen

College Counselor, Literary Thinking

Mike Anderson

Learning Support Specialist

Jamie Andrus

Learning Support Coordinator

Amis Balcomb

F&PA: Visual Arts

Bob Baldwin

Director of Operations

Vickie Baldwin

Director of Institutional Advancement

Jeff Bandel

Social Science

Burton Barrager

Scientific Thinking

Adrienne Behrmann


Meg Blyler

Admissions Events Coordinator

Laura Boismenue

School Counselor

Laura Botero


Lani Bowker

Senior Accountant

Jonathan Briggs

Director of Strategy, Technology, and Innovation

Ed Castro

F&PA: Music & EICL Co-Coordinator

Vandana Chalana

Athletics: Yoga

Rhiannon Chelini

Accounting and Human Resource Manager

Jennifer Chi

Admissions Communications Coordinator

Derek Clarke

Technology Manager

Anthony Colello

Historical Thinking, College Counselor

Ian Corey-Boulet

Learning Support Specialist

Lisa Coulter

Auxiliary Services Coordinator

Monica Cowdery

Learning Support Specialist

Shar Crockett

Food Service Support

Kristina Dammrose

Enrollment Management Coordinator

Matt Delaney

Director of Academic Design and Integration

David Deluty

F&PA: Visual Art

Jannell Denhart

Database and Network Administrator

Katie Dodd


Anne Duffy

Science, Mathematics

Ian Duncan


Alek Edmonds

Technical Theatre

Ginger Ellingson

Director of Fine & Performing Arts

Kim Eng

Director of Athletics

Steve Fassino


Emma Ferguson


Javier Fernandez

Food Services Support

David Fierce

Social Science

Sam Foote

School Counselor

Lisa Frystak

F&PA: Drama

Sarah Gately


Kevin Gillis

Facilities Support

Tamera Gittens

School Counselor

Henry Gould

Social Science

Michael Graybeal


Victor Guevara


Bart Gummere

Associate Head of School for College Counseling and Alumni Relations

Cristina (Tina) Hadden

Administrative Services Director

Paul Hagen

Director of Student Well-Being

Alicia Hale

Historical Thinking

Karla Harris

Student Life Coordinator

Melissa Hayes

Athletics: PE

Matt Henson

Facilities Support

Stephanie Hinson

Director of Medical Services

Wen Yu Ho

Social Science

Scott Hockert

Security/Safety Officer

Sarah Hollingshead


Dona Hunter

HR Specialist

John Jensen

Facilities Assistant Manager

John Kaminsky


Stephen Keedy


David Kelly-Hedrick

Literary Thinking, Experiential Education Coordinator

Adam Kruger


Elin Kuffner

Scientific Thinking

David Lao


Jonathan Larner-Lewis


Jordan Lettau

Facilities Day Manager

Katelin Lewellen


Jonathan Litten


Bert Loosmore


Molly Lori


Michelle Lorne

School Counselor

Allison Luhrs

English, College Counselor

Terry Macaluso

Head of School

Rick MacKenzie

Technical Theatre

Janine Martorano

Dining Services Director

Jose Mendez Martinez

Food Services Support

Dawn McGuire

Accounts Payable Accountant

Bess McKinney

Social Science & EICL Co-Coordinator

Caitlin McLane

Social Science

Katie Meredith

Assistant to Institutional Advancement

Cheryl Schenk Miller

Director of Enrollment Management

Karen Mills

Literary Thinking

Kelly Moore

Scholar in Residence

Jeffrey Myers

F&PA: Choir

Jack Nolan

Technology Support Specialist

An Nuon

Physical Education

Elena Olsen

English, College Counselor

Casey Otley

Director of Finance and Operations

Jim Owen

Facilities Night Manager

Randi-Louise Peterson

Executive Assistant to the Middle School

Gilbert Ragudos

Executive Chef

Rikki Reddy

Sous Chef

Randy Reina


Kim Richards

Administrative Assistant to the Office of Student Well-Being

Tracy Ritter

Executive Assistant to Student Support Services

William Robertson

Facilities Support

Josefa Ruiz Mercader


Krissy Russell

Scientific Thinking

Amy Sanchez

School Counselor

Jeff Sanderson


Kristine Sandy

Executive Assistant to the Upper School

Verity Sayles


Ted Scott

Mathematics, Science

Heidi Shannon

Food Services Support

Angie Sharp

Assistant Director of Athletic Operations

Samuel Shaw

Social Science

John Stegeman

Head of Upper School

Jeff Sternitzky

Campus Ambassador

Maddie Stearns


Luke Stromberg

F&PA: Music

Masato Sudo


Minako Sugimoto

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Academic Design and Integration

Kadie Thompson

P.E. Wellness

Sam Uzwack

Associate Head of School for Middle School and Student Support Services

Kelly Violette

Spanish, College Counselor

Adam Waltzer

Science, College Counselor

Kip Wassink


Ryan Winkelmann

Historical Thinking

Malcolm Yates


Dan Yezbick


Katie Yost

Administrative Assistant to Alumni Relations and College Counseling