Ryan Winkelmann

Historical Thinking

Also: MS Advisor
M.I.T., Seattle University; B.A. English, University of Washington

For years, Ryan served as a preferred substitute teacher and worked full time during the 2012-2013 school year in a temporary position teaching English. In 2014 Ryan joined EPS full time, teaching Historical Thinking in the Middle School. Ryan is excited to be a part of the Eastside Prep community again because, as he says, “I love this school. There is nowhere else where the staff invests as much time and energy into thoughtfully constructing an education that will help students in both life and their future employment.” When not in the classroom, Ryan can be found on the sports field. He loves coaching Ultimate Frisbee teams. When not hanging out with his wife and young daughters, Ryan enjoys yard work, working on his house and reading historical books and biographies.

“My goal is to provide a solid structure and framework for students to explore the amazing stories and civilization that we find throughout the world. I want my curriculum to intellectually and emotionally engage my students, so much so that their parents want to be a part of their learning.”