Education Beyond the Classroom

At Eastside Prep, our goal is to provide rich opportunities for our students to engage their world and enliven their learning through experiential education.  Students learn best when they are able to direct their own learning, achieve an increasing sense of expertise, and believe that their endeavors mean something. We strive to provide unique opportunities in experiential education that allow our students to gain perspective, insight, and expertise.

Experiential education is incorporated into our classrooms daily. Whether it is learning how to use a drill press in stage craft, conducting a science experiment or giving a formal presentation in class, teachers create a space where students learn and grow because they feel safe to challenge themselves, knowing that failure is not the opposite of success.  Eastside Prep’s Education Beyond the Classroom (EBC) program, which includes Fall Orientations, service learning, and EBC Week, takes this growth zone concept a step further, integrating classroom learning with an authentic experience in our neighborhood, our region or our world.  EBC focuses on autonomy, giving students the ability to choose their own adventure; on mastery, giving students the ability to pursue their passions; and on purpose, connecting their learning experience to the world around them.