EPS Outdoor Education Program

Philosophy/Program Description

There is value in exploring the outdoors, connecting with nature, and being physically active. Our Outdoor Program provides a fair range of outdoor opportunities for our students.  The Outdoor Program includes Outdoor Adventures for both Middle and Upper School students during the regular school year with more intensive opportunities for extended trips offered during EBC Week.  Our goal is to make these trips easy entry for young people with little or no experience and to help them become capable and confident with knowledge and skills to live and enjoy in wilderness areas all over the world.

Below is a typical year-long calendar of outdoor events offered by the EPS Outdoors Education Program.  The exact events and programs may vary from year to year depending on faculty interest, availability for chaperoning, and other factors.  Students are welcome to help initiate and organize outdoor events and program.

Please watch the Weekly Student News and Friday Family email for notices about specific, upcoming outdoor opportunities.  These notices include more description, grade levels that can participate, and links or instructions for registration.

If you have any questions, please contact David Kelly-Hedrick, EPS Experiential Education Coordinator at dkhedrick@eastsideprep.org.

Typical Outdoor Program Annual Calendar

EPS Outdoor Event Date
US Backpacking Fall Trip Mid-September
Fall Overnight Rock Climbing Trip

Vantage, WA

Early October
Fall Colors Day Hike In the Mountains Mid-October
Fall Mountain Bike Adventures October/November
Fall Fishing Extravaganzas October/November
Friday Night Ski Buses at Snoqualmie Pass

3:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Usually 4 Friday nights from December through February
Crystal Mountain Ski Day A full Saturday in Mid-March
MS/ US Snowshoe Day Trip

To Snoqualmie or Stevens Pass

EPS Climbing Club Fall Session and Winter Sessions

Usually once a week for 6-7 weeks

Intensive Backpacking, Canyoneering, and other Exploration Trips EBC Week in mid-April
MS/US Climbing Day Trip to Vantage, Washington

Jointly run with staff from YMCA GOLD and BOLD

Early May
US Spring Backpacking Overnight

MS Spring Car Camping Overnight

Early May