Student Life & EICL

A student’s growth—their ability to think critically, act responsibly, lead compassionately, and innovate wisely—is dependent on their sense of belonging and their connection to and understanding of others. Thus, equity, inclusion, and compassionate leadership are integral to all students do inside and outside the classroom at EPS. We believe that understanding who we are and how we relate to others is a lifelong journey. At EPS, students continue to learn about all facets of who they are. They also continue to learn to be in dialogue with, develop empathy for, and collaborate with those with different identities and perspectives. 

Inside the Classroom

From fifth through twelfth grades, students learn about themselves, others, and the systems that create inequity and injustice in our world.  Each academic discipline at EPS facilitates opportunities for students to have both mirrors to an individual student’s life experiences, as well as windows into other students’ experiences.

Outside the Classroom

Outside the classroom, Affinity Groups, clubs, Upper and Middle School assemblies, and Advisory all offer additional opportunities for students to deepen their knowledge about themselves and others.