EBC Week

EBC (Experience Beyond the Classroom) is an intense one-week period in the academic year for students to be fully engaged in rich and challenging learning experiences – in ways not possible during the regular academic schedule. EBC projects are experiential: learning is hands-on, exploratory, and unrestricted by the boundaries of the regular classroom. These projects are designed to spark passion, to help students discover relationships among disciplines, and safely take risks for the sake of learning. They allow students to become wholeheartedly immersed in the activities and to work collaboratively with peers and adults, including guest experts in varied fields of study.  EBC projects are intended to stimulate curiosity and imagination, along with a deepened understanding of interesting and worthwhile subject matter, while also introducing students to new skills, perspectives, and activities in a variety of learning environments.

Grades 5-7 will be attending EBC trips as an entire class and full details on location, program, and logistics will be sent out to families in December.

For Grades 8-12, the EBC Program for 2022 will consist of the following options:

  1. United States Domestic Trips and Programs—these will model past EBC projects that took place in key locations and regions around the United States. Trips might focus on historical, cultural, art, recreation, and other themes that connect and overlap with curriculum at EPS.  These trips will entail round-trip airfare.
  2. EBC Northwest Regional Trips and Programs—these will overnight trips lasting 4-6 days in the Pacific Northwest for small groups of students and chaperones. These intense exploratory trips could showcase a range of topics, subjects, and skill exploration.  These trips will mostly be limited to ground transportation.
  3. EBC Greater Seattle Projects—these will be local projects where students will either be dropped-off or travel for part of a day for local exploration and programs. Students will return home each day and stay overnight at home.  Students may go to the same site or different sites each day depending on the specific EBC project.

Stay tuned for full details!

EBC Week 2021 Photo Gallery