EBC Week

EBC is a required one-week period in the academic year for students to be fully engaged in rich and challenging learning experiences—in ways not possible during the regular academic schedule. EBC projects are experiential: learning is hands-on, exploratory, and unrestricted by the boundaries of the regular classroom. These projects are designed to spark passion, to help students discover relationships among disciplines, and to safely take risks for the sake of learning. These experiences allow students to become immersed in the activities and to work collaboratively with peers and adults, including guest experts in varied fields of study.  EBC projects are intended to stimulate curiosity, creativity, and imagination, along with a deepened understanding of interesting and worthwhile subject matter, while introducing students to new skills, perspectives, and activities in a variety of learning environments.

Below is a photo gallery of moments during EBC Week 2021.  Please enjoy this collection that captures how students connected, learned, and enjoyed a week of experiencing life beyond the classroom.

EBC T-Shirt Design

For EBC Week 2021, we offered a t-shirt to every person participating in an experience.  We collaborated on the t-shirt design with Evan Suroteguh, a 10th grader who is new this year to the EPS community.  We are thankful that he offered his talent, time and thoughtful design.

Here is his artist statement:

When I started the design process for the EBC T-shirt design, there were a few main goals that I aimed to represent. One was to represent the locality of this year’s EBC Week. Many activities offered were centered around our beautiful “backyard” here in the Pacific Northwest. The first image that came to mind was a map of our area. To integrate this, I found an elevation heat map of the area around EPS, including the Kirkland/Bellevue area. From there, I transformed this heat map into a stylized topographic map, seen on the upper half of the design.

On the lower half of the design, I separated the space into five sectors representing categories of EBC experiences.

From left to right, the images represent the following:

A mountain range and star devised of modern lines (two elements together) – represents the great outdoors and EBC activities offered based in nature.

An image of people to convey a sense of community – represents projects focused on service engagement.

A paint swirl pattern –capturing the artistically focused EBC activitiesHere I experimented with icons that represented art; however, ultimately I decided to go with an artistic pattern instead.

Lastly, the honeycomb pattern represents the technological and engineering-based design element – representing the EBC activities centered around the digital world seen through a series of binary-like patterns.

EBC Week 2021 Photo Gallery