EBC Week

EBC (Experience Beyond the Classroom) is an intense one-week period in the academic year for students to be fully engaged in rich and challenging learning experiences – in ways not possible during the regular academic schedule. EBC projects are experiential: learning is hands-on, exploratory, and unrestricted by the boundaries of the regular classroom. These projects and experiences are designed to spark passion, to help students discover relationships among disciplines, and safely take risks for the sake of learning. They allow students to become wholeheartedly immersed in the activities and to work collaboratively with peers and adults, including guest experts in varied fields of study.  EBC projects are intended to stimulate curiosity and imagination, along with a deepened understanding of interesting and worthwhile subject matter, while also introducing students to new skills, perspectives, and activities in a variety of learning environments.

Students in grades 5-7 participate together in grade-level EBC trips as an entire class. These grade-level experiences provide a unique opportunity for students to bond as a class,  grow and learn together, and build meaningful and long lasting connections.

The EBC program for students in grades 8-12 consists of trips and experiences in a variety of destination and focus areas. These include local, domestic, and international trips, and experiences focused on arts, sciences, history and culture, language study, service, and more.

Questions? contact Experiential Education Coordinator David Kelly-Hedrick.

EBC Week 2021 Photo Gallery