EPS Families & EICL

Our work to help students grow in their understanding of themselves and others can’t happen without the partnership of parents and guardians. We recognize and want conversations about identity, equity, and diversity to happen at home. Consequently, we understand that our EICL work with families is two-fold. First, to ensure that all parents and guardians feel that they belong in our community. Second to offer resources and the opportunity for further learning about equity, inclusion, and compassionate leadership topics. Our resource section includes some online and hard copy resources we recommend, but we also invite you to be in conversation with us via email at eicl@eastsideprep.org 

Students, families, and faculty came together to create Culture Night.  An evening of learning about our community’s diverse background, from food and music to history and current affairs. Proffe Josefa Ruiz Mercader, an EPS Spanish Teacher, joins a group of parents/guardians to display the beauty of coming together.