Middle School

EPS Middle School courses are designed to give students opportunities to practice the habits of mind employed in each academic discipline. Critical thinking skills are emphasized. Integration plays an important role in tying ideas together, and teachers collaborate on specific units when it makes sense to do so. Faculty infuse each day in (and out of!) the classroom with enthusiasm and hands-on learning. Where appropriate, coursework is guided by grade-specific Big Questions.

  • Grade 5: Who Am I?
  • Grade 6: What Is The World Made Of?
  • Grade 7: How Did We Get Here?
  • Grade 8: What Does It Mean To Be Human?

Our courses coordinate not only with interdisciplinary content, but also to teach important skills consistently throughout the Middle School experience. Upon completion students are able to:

  • Use the academic disciplines as a framework for critical thinking,
  • Solve complex problems within a variety of disciplines and topics,
  • Communicate written ideas thoughtfully and creatively,
  • Confidently present ideas to large and small audiences,
  • Effectively employ technology to enhance learning,
  • Lead compassionately as a respectful member of our global community.

Students arrive in the Middle School as children and leave as young adults, having progressed through profound biological, social, and cognitive changes. Our program is effective because it fosters and supports student growth in language use, problem solving, memory development, ethical maturity, and social presence. The ultimate goal of the Middle School Program is to equip students with the necessary academic and social skills for a more robust disciplinary study in the EPS Upper School.